Our Story

About Us

Rubright Marinas was formed in 2017 when Nate and Jim Rubright acquired Gallatin Marina in Gallatin TN. The Rubrights have since purchased 3 additional marinas and have plans to continue to expand. Ben Rubright joined Rubright Marinas as an owner when we purchased our second marina, Peninsula Marina. Jim Rubright is father to Nate and Ben. The Rubrights have lived in the southeast since 1975. We live, work and play in the same places as our customers!

Jim and Nate Rubright acquired Gallatin Marina in October of 2017. Jim, Ben, and Nate Rubright acquired Peninsula Marina and Barren River State Dock and Marina in November 2019 and January 2020. They then purchased The Boathouse at Benders Ferry in October of 2020. The Rubrights are committed to their lives in TN and developing the marinas and public use of our waterways.

Rubright Marinas highest priority is customer satisfaction. It is very important to the Rubrights to offer a safe and fun environment for everyone looking to enjoy a little lake time. We measure our progress in this area against the safety and wellbeing of our own children. Jim has 6 children, Nate has 3 children, and Ben has one son. If our children are safe and having fun, then we have achieved our goal. Rubright Marinas is dedicated to continually improving our marinas for all.

Rubright Marinas is dedicated to offering the highest quality service and products to our customers at all facilities. All properties purchased undergo an onboarding process. This process includes improvements and repairs to docks, electrical and water infrastructures, changes to Professional Culture, and employee’s focus to ensure every customer experience is the best possible. Rubright Marinas is committed to operating the best marinas in our industry. We will always take any steps necessary to achieve this goal. Rubright Marinas is aware of the growing demand for boating and marine storage. We are constantly improving and expanding our marinas to meet this demand. We encourage feedback and are here to help and listen. Unfortunately, we cannot catch everything that needs to be addressed, so we rely on our employees and customers to share any information they have.

Rubright Marinas has 4 marinas located throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. The Marinas have men’s and women’s bathrooms, ethanol free gas pumps, extensive stores including snacks, drinks, apparel, boat supplies, ice, and boat rentals.

Our fun, family-friendly atmosphere makes it easy to enjoy boating!

The Rubright Family

Nate Rubright

Nate’s primary role is Managing Partner and CEO of Rubright Marinas and of all subsidiaries. Nate has direct management over each General Manager at their respective facilities and oversees all facets of the business and operation.

Nate’s professional background prior to acquiring Gallatin Marina, Barren River State Dock and Marina, Peninsula Marina, and The Boathouse at Benders Ferry was primarily in sales working for and with companies varying from small privately-owned entities to large public corporations with locations throughout North America.

Nate’s diverse experience dealing with every facet business has given him a broad and deep understanding of what it takes to operate complex companies in many industries, and most importantly, address customer needs and concerns to ensure the best experience possible.

Nate’s education was focused on Marketing, Business Management and Economics at both Willamette University, Salem OR, and Regis University (a Jesuit University), Denver CO. He currently lives in Gallatin, TN with his wife, Kimberly, and his 3 children, Emily, Michael, and Evelyn.

Ben Rubright

When The Rubrights acquired Gallatin Marina in October of 2017, Ben Rubright joined the family business as a managing partner to assist with the financial side. Ben is an owner of The Boathouse at Benders Ferry, Barren River State Dock and Marina, and Peninsula Marina. Ben is currently focused on the operations and customer interactions at The Boathouse at Benders Ferry. Ben also assists Nate in the overall customer service and satisfaction with all Rubright Marinas. Ben is closely involved with the onboarding process specifically corporate culture, employee focus and customer experience.

Ben’s professional background prior to acquiring Gallatin Marina, Barren River State Dock and Marina, The Boathouse at Benders Ferry, and Peninsula Marina was primarily in business. He worked for several years in Quality Assurance and Marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. After that, he owned and managed a retail clothing store in San Francisco, CA. He then went back to Graduate School and received an M.A. in Theology which he used to serve as a hospital and home healthcare chaplain until September of 2017.

His experience working in Marketing in a corporate environment and managing and owning a small business has given him the experience needed to successfully oversee and manage his responsibilities at Rubright Marinas.

Ben’s education, in addition to the M.A. in Theology from San Francisco University, includes a B.A. in Music from the University of Virginia. He currently lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, Kate, and son, George.

James Rubright

James is not directly involved with the daily operations of Rubright Marinas; however, he is an instrumental part of the ownership and management team. James works closely with Nate and Ben to ensure all properties are operated and maintained at the highest level. He works very closely with Nate on all renovation and expansion projects of existing marinas. James also plays a pivotal role with all acquisitions, overseeing the financial health and security of our company.

James spent the first half of his professional career as a corporate attorney. From 1972 to 1993 he was a member of the Atlanta law firm of King & Spalding. In 1994, he became a general counsel of Sonat, Inc., a large energy company. He subsequently served as chief accounting officer, President of Southern Natural Gas Company. In 1999 he joined RockTenn as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. James oversaw significant growth during his tenor at RockTenn. This growth came both from organically growing their core folding carton business through exceptional manufacturing and customer service. James also oversaw several large acquisitions, including the acquisition of Smurfit Stone, one of the country’s largest corrugated packaging companies at that time. James excelled in his role with RockTenn until his retirement in October 2013. James’s education includes a B.A. degree from Yale University and a J.D. from the University of Virginia.

After his retirement, he has remained active in investing in and supporting private companies. He has substantial investing experience in private companies. This experience helps him to guide and assist his sons succeed with Rubright Marinas. James has been married to Mary Angelich Rubright for 37 years and they live in Atlanta, Georgia. James has devoted his life to his career and family and remains very close to his family.